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Bristol University Think Big Scholarship 2022/2023 – How to Apply

The University of Bristol in the UK is offering scholarship opportunity worth £50,000 for less privileged student to study in their institute in the United Kingdom. This scholarship opportunity by Bristol University is aimed at helping the brightest and best international students to get admitted into their institute and study in any discipline of choice. This scholarship opportunity for international student(s) to study in the UK is better known as Bristol University Think Big Scholarship 2022.

On this page, you can fine all you need to know in regards to the ongoing scholarship powered by University of Bristol (including brief about the school, scholarship eligibility and of course; how to successfully apply)

The “Think Big” scholarship offered by Bristol University comes in three different variables (award rates), this include £5,000, £10,000 and £20,000. Amount to be awarded to qualified students are based on student performance, the need for finance as well as past educational discipline and dedication.

About the University of Bristol

University of Bristol is one of the top leading universities in England, United Kingdom. It is a red brick Russel Group research university in Bristol. The University was first established in the year 1595 as Merchant Ventures School, University College in 1876 before later being review in the year 1909 as royal charter which it currently represents.

Bristol University was ranked as 62nd most popular and successful university in the UK as seen by QS World University rankings for the year 2022.

The University is organized into six academic faculties (including Arts, life science, engineering, health science, science, and social sciences and Law). According to resources gathered Wikipedia (2022), The university is running over 200 undergraduate courses largely in Tyndalls Park region of the city.

Bristol University (Think Big) Scholarship Summary

  • Scholarship Provider: University of Bristol 
  • Study Grade: Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes
  • Institution: Bristol University
  • Target Audience: International Students 
  • Study in: United Kingdom (UK)
  • Courses Offered:
    • Any full-time undergraduate course offered in the institution (excluding Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science).
    • Any one year or full-time post-graduate course offered in the institution
  • Scholarship Duration: One year for postgraduate program but varies for undergraduate programmes.
  • Application Deadline: 1st set (28 March, 2022) & 2nd set (13 June 2022).

NOTE: It is important that interested student apply before the application deadline otherwise, application will note be reviewed by the institution.

Scholarship Reward Explained

Think Big scholarship offered by Bristol University provides qualified students with the following rewards (£);


  • 3 x £10,000 scholarships
  • 9 x £5,000 scholarships


  • 5 x £20,000 scholarships
  • 10 x £10,000 scholarships
  • 20 x £5,000 scholarships

NOTE: It is important to note that rewarded amount will only valid for servicing institutional tuition fees.

Scholarships Covered

The international scholarship web-form can be used to apply for the following scholarship programmes at Bristol;


  • Global accounting and finance undergraduate scholarships
  • Global economics undergraduate scholarships
  • Think Big Global Justice undergraduate scholarship
  • Think Big undergraduate bursaries in sciences
  • Think Big undergraduates scholarships 


  • Future leaders postgraduate scholarship
  • Global accounting and finance postgraduate scholarship
  • Global economics postgraduate scholarship
  • GREAT Nigeria scholarship: for Nigerian students only
  • GREAT Pakistan scholarship: for Pakistan students only
  • GREAT scholarship for Justice and Law: for China students only
  • Michael Wong Pakshong scholarships
  • Think Big About Education scholarships
  • Think Big About Global Justice postgraduate scholarships
  • Think Big postgraduate scholarships

Bristol University Think Big Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for Bristol University Think Big scholarship, student must meet up to the following criteria;

  • Student must be familiar with written and spoken English.
  • International students must make sure they have a valid study pass and VISA to study in the United Kingdom.
  • Candidates must not have applied for/or receiving any scholarship opportunity somewhere else.
  • The amount which will be rewarded (£20,000, £10,000 or £5,000) must be used as tuition fee for the institution.
  • Interested applicant must have applied for an under-graduate or post-graduate program in the institution to qualify him/her for the scholarship
  • Applicant must be ready and available to start receiving lectures in 2022 admission batch.

Personal Information that will be required for Application

During application, you will be asked to provide some details about yourself. It will be a great idea getting these details ready before you commence the scholarship application procedures. This is because it is a one-time-process application, which means there is no availability for you to save then, come back later to complete. Some of these personal details you will be asked include;

  • UCAS (for undergraduates), Student ID (postgraduates or student who applied through GTP)  or Kaplan ID (if you are a KICL student)
  • The course and program you want to apply for in Bristol University
  • Your full name
  • A valid email address
  • Your nationality
  • Your permanent country of residence
  • Provision of details on current or most recent educational institution
  • And lastly, details of other scholarship you applied for or planning to receive (i.e if any)

NOTE: you will be required to read and answer few essay questions before submitting your application. It is important that you get prepared before following below steps in applying for Bristol University Think Big Scholarships.

How to Apply for Bristol University Scholarship Opportunity 2022/2023

  • The scholarship application processes is 100% online based. Interested applicants can begin their application sequence by filling online scholarship form.
  • Once done filling the form, you will be required to click on the “submit” button located at the bottom of the page.
  • You should receive a feedback (almost immediately) via the mail you provided while filling the online form which read “your application for the Think Big scholarship has been received”.

NOTE: The feedback mail is very important as it notifies you whether or not; your scholarship application was sent successfully. If you can’t find the mail in your inbox, you might want to check other mail tabs (including Spam and Promotion tabs).

Still having troubles processing your Bristol University Think Big Scholarship for 2022/2023 admission? You can reach the University of Bristol directly from the following mail addresses;

Scholarship Websites  

Interested candidates for Bristol University Think Big scholarship are hereby, required to use below links to apply for the school funding.

  • Parent Scholarship Provider:
  • Under-graduate Scholarship:
  • Post-graduate scholarship:


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