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Ganduje Scholarship 2022 - Application Guide & Requirements

We will be talking about on this page, Ganduje Scholarship Grant for 2022/2023 Academic session including application guide and scholarship requirements for Nigerian students.

Are you searching for latest scholarship while in Kano state Nigeria? You are just on the right page as we bring to you on this page an approved and also, a top notch scholarship grants for students in Kano State, Nigeria. This Kano State Scholarship aid is being sponsored by the current Governor of the state, His Excellency, Doc. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and which is why we titled the scholarship grant as Ganduje Scholarship 2022. See below for some brief info about the scholarship grant which is sponsored by Kano State Governor. 

Ganduje Scholarship Summary 2022

  • Scholarship Provider: Ganduje Administration
  • Scholarship Type: Partly Funded
  • Study Level: Undergraduates and Postgraduate
  • Target: Kano State Students
  • Study In: Kano State, Nigeria
  • Application Deadline: Not Specified
  • Others:

The scholarship Grant last till completion of student’s study in the institution.

The main motive of the introduction of Ganduje Scholarship was to help Kano State students who are highly educated but suffering from financial problems which could in turn affect their studies. Ganduje Administration scholarship aid for student is aimed at helping these fortunate students by providing financial assistance throughout the remaining year of studies in the institute. However, not everyone is qualified for this scholarship grant. See below for more details.

Ganduje Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

The scholarship aid/grant offered by Ganduje Administration is 100% free however, student needs to adhere-to/possess the following criteria to be seen qualified for the scholarship by the board. Some of these criteria include;

  • Applicant must be a student in any recognized higher institution of learning within Kano State, Nigeria.
  • Student must be at least in second year of studies in the institution.
  • Applying students must have a past CGPA of not less than 3.5 from previous academic session.
  • Student must be of good behavior and well-disciplined in the right way of live.  
  • Applicant must possess financial need before he/she can be considered for the scholarship opportunity.

Having met all above mentioned requirements, you can proceed to the application. We advise you check out other scholarship grants on our blog if you don’t possess all above mentioned criteria for Ganduje’s Foundation Scholarship Aid. 

How to Apply for Kano State Ganduje Scholarship 2022

To apply for Ganduje’s Administration Scholarship Grant, student is required to follow below procedures;

1. Visit your institution academic adviser’s office

The first application procedure for Ganduje’s Scholarship is for student to visit the office of the academic adviser or MIS office. It is important to note that only 3 Kano higher institute are recognized by Ganduje’s Scholarship for 2022 academic session. These three (3) institutes include;

  • Bayero University Kano (BUK)
  • Yusuf Maitama University (YUMU) a.k.a North West University
  • Kano State College of Education 

As an applicant, you should visit the appropriate office in any of the above mentioned institute provided you are an already existing student.

2. Collect the scholarship form (which is 100% free)

In the office, you will be issued the official Ganduje’s Administration Scholarship form which is required to be filled and submitted by you at convenient time. However, you will be required to attach some files when submitting the form back to the MIS/academic adviser’s office.

3. Collect your scholarship essay topic

Before living the office, don’t forget to collect your essay topic as the scholarship grant is highly dependent to your essay pitch on the topic issued. Topics issued usually vary from others, however, you will be asked to pick from available topics which may or may not be corresponding to your study field.
The most important thing to note is that, essay topics which are usually issued to candidates relates to problem solving and research in respondent to current problem being faced by Kano State.

4. Fill & Return the Scholarship Form, Essay & Other Required Documents

When you go home, you are required to give more time to the essay writing and making sure you adhere to deadline date you are being told in the MIS office (where you received the scholarship form).
There will be a section in the form where you will be informed of all documents you are expected to attach to the essay while submitting back to the MIS/academic office. Make sure all documents are complete as it may either make or break you.

Guideline for Writing Ganduje Administration Scholarship Essay 2022

All interested students who have received their essay topics for Ganduje Scholarship are required to follow below writing guide;

  • Essay’s length must be between 1,000 to 1,500 word counts only.
  • It should be in a print form with 14 font size.
  • Essay must be original and related to the study under investigation.
  • Images are however not required but advisable to all students.
  • All quoted text are to be highlighted accordingly.


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