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New York Community Trust Scholarship 2022/2023 – How to Apply

Are you an international student? Are searching for latest scholarship offers to study in the United State of America or Armenia? You are on the right page as we will be revealing to you the New York Community Trust Scholarship offer for 2022/2023 academic session.

On this page, we will be talking about all you need to know in relation to the ongoing provisional scholarship exercise which is powered and sponsored by the New York Community Trust Fund. Hopefully, this content will help you secure a scholarship to study in the United States or even Armenia (if you are a citizen).

The scholarship offered by the New York Community Trust (NYCT) is a partially funded grant aimed at supporting international student studying in the United States or even Armenian citizens studying in Armenia. This scholarship is established to help assist these group of students in paying part of their academic fees and other expenses including tuition fees, upkeeps etc.

About New York Community Trust

New York Community Trust is an alignment of past, present and future generous New Yorkers with sole aim of not to make profit but to establish a healthy, equitable and thriving place for all (most especially students). The community was established to help in bettering the lives of residents as well as improvement the standard of living in NY and other regions.

As claimed on their website, they bring together individuals, families and businesses to build a better community and support non-profit that makes a difference to the society. The body was first established in the year 1914and currently, they are over 700 community foundation in all 50 states.

The grant offered by New York Community Trust is one of a kind as it comes into 2 variables.

  • For International students to study in United States of America and;
  • For Armenian citizens to study in Armenia.

They both have basic separate application requirements to consider before starting anything. It is important to note that the International student scholarship is mainly on invitation while the Armenian student scholarship can be accessed openly.

We will look through that in the application processes. For now, you might want to see the scholarship summary.

New York Community Trust Scholarship Summary

  • Study Grade: Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs
  • Scholarship Provider: New York Community Trust
  • Scholarship Worth: Unspecified (varies depending on institution)
  • Scholarship Type: Partly Funded
  • Target: International or Armenian Students
  • Institution: U.S or Armenian based institution (Universities & Colleges)
  • Study in: United States AND Armenia
  • Courses Offered: Any professional course offered in the institute
  • Scholarship Duration: One-Off (can be renewed by applying following year)
  • Application Deadline: 3rd May


Interested applicants for this scholarship who did not complete their entry on or before the due date which is 3rd of April will not be considered for scholarship grant by New York Community Trust.

Scholarship Coverage

The ongoing New York Community Trust scholarship is available for selected undergraduate and postgraduate students and the amount worth which is to be won will cover some part of academic tuition fees.

Students can begin application but it is important to note and adhere to the application criteria which can be found below.

New York Community Trust Scholarship Application Eligibility

Students who are interested to apply for the ongoing scholarship grant powered by New York Community Trust must adhere to the following criteria for their entries to be seen as valid;

  • Applicant must be a U.S or Armenian Citizen
  • Interested applicant must be in any recognized higher institution of learning in the U.S or Armenia
  • Candidate must be in his second year to qualify for the scholarship grant
  • Applicant must have a Cumulative Grade Average or 3.2 or higher to be considered for any grant by the scholarship board.
  • Interested candidates must be of good conduct and must possess academic discipline to be seen as fitting individuals for the scholarship
  • All interested applicant must have the need for funding to be considered (falsifying may lead  to withdrawal of grant even if approved)

Note: Only candidates who meet up with all above criteria can be considered for a scholarship award by the New York Community Trust Scholarship Institution. It is advised you skip to other scholarships on our blog if you know you are not eligible. This is because; your scholarship will be withdrawn if discovered (even if awarded earlier).

How to Apply for New York Community Trust Scholarship Opportunity 2022

Interested students who meet up to all above mentioned criteria can begin with the scholarship application by following below guide;

For U.S Based Students

The U.S application according to the scholarship provider is not available for all residents as it is based on invitation. Nevertheless, you can request a scholarship proposal to the board and be considered.

To do this, student must;

Write a narrative proposal which is not should not exceed 10 pages containing a in-depth description of his request (including background, statement of the problem, academic level and important information worth adding).

When done, proposal must be mailed to the New York Community Trust at;

909 Third Avenue,
22nd Floor,
New York 10022

For Armenian Students

For Armenian citizens, they are required to follow few steps to submit their entries to the scholarship board. To do this, students are required to;

Visit the scholarship page which can be located at

  • Now student is required to select his application type (new application or renewal application) by tapping on the right link
  • On the scholarship page, student is required to download the scholarship form and begin the scholarship application using guide on the application form.
  • After filling all fields on the form, student must attaché all supporting document as stated on the scholarship form and mail it to NY Community Trust Scholarship Armenian Office Address.

Scholarship Website

Scholarship provider:
Armenian Student Application:


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