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Top Scholarships for Armenian Citizens 2022

Are you an Armenian citizen or an international student? Are you searching for top scholarships for Armenian citizens or international students to study abroad in their dream institution of learning? We’ve got some great scholarship picks for you.

On this page, we’ve compiled updated lists of top scholarship opportunities available for Armenian citizens to study in higher institution. One great news about some the scholarship programs which will be revealed shortly on this page is that; they are fully-funded, This is to further support students who are interested in furthering their education but lack financial balance to sustain them during their stay in the universities.

Getting a fully or partial-funded scholarship opportunity could be a real pain, but surely, not after you consume the information therein in this article. Though, it is important to note the following before applying;

Priority are mostly given and accessed by applicant who are on merit including; the need for scholarship, academic performance and leadership potentials Scholarship opportunities are mostly given to students on subject/courses that offer higher chances of future employment or direct development to the country.

See below for 2022 updated lists of top scholarships for Armenian citizens to study abroad.

List of Top Scholarships for Armenian Citizens to Study in their Choice Institute

1. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

The “Think Big” scholarship is introduced by Bristol University for international student to study in UK. The University of Bristol, United Kingdom in this scholarship opportunity for Armenians are investing over £50,000 to help assist a good number of students gain admission to study in their institution. The Think Big scholarship by Bristol University is available for both undergraduate and post graduate students.

Target Student

  • International Students

How to Apply

  • All interested candidates are required to visit the official scholarship page at

2. Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarship

The “Chancellor’s International Scholarships” is offered by Warwick Medical School. Warwick Medical School in the United Kingdom are hereby offering a scholarship grants to international student worth over £100,000 for admission of new students into their institution.

This scholarship opportunity is fully funded (100%) and it’s available for Phd studies in all discipline offered in Warwick Medical School.

Target Student

  • International students

How to Apply

3. Global Student Contest Scholarships

The Global Student Contest scholarship is a partial scholarship opportunity for Armenians and other internal students to contest and win a grant to support them in their academics. The scholarship goal is to provide partial financial assistance and mentorship to students who are interested to further their education into higher institutions of learning Nationwide. Since the scholarship is a contest, it is limited to only qualified students. Over $50,000 is to be won by students

Target Student

  • International students

How to Apply

4. ICM Online MBA Scholarships

ICM Online MBA Scholarship is offered by the Institution of Customer Management. This scholarship opportunity is available to all applicant of the institution (ICM) who cannot or find it hard to pay for the institution tuition fee and would love to study in their Online MBA program.

The scholarship opportunity offered by the Institution of Customer Management is a fully funded one which means you don’t have to pay for your study while in the intuition.

Target Student

  • Armenian citizens
  • Students in common wealth nations

How to Apply

5. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

The MBA scholarship is offered by ICUST, a management institution. This scholarship is available for students in the commonwealth states to study in ICUST. This program is a partial scholarship up to £15,000 per student who applied and qualified for MBA/MSc programme but cannot afford the full cost of the tuition fee of £18,000.

The payment of £15,000 will be made for the student while he/she completes £3,000

Target Student

  • Students in the commonwealth states

How to Apply

6. Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund

This is a top leading scholarships for Armenian citizens. This scholarship opportunity is provided by Mrs. Liebmann a daughter to Krikor Zohrab who is a prominent Armenian intellectual, writer and a statesman. This scholarship is open for Armenians to study in any recognized field or discipline in humanities, social/natural sciences (including medicine and surgery, law, engineering, architecture, and other professionally recognized trainings).  

Target Student

  • Armenians

How to Apply

  • All interested candidates are required to visit the official scholarship for Armenian page at

7. Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarships

The Armenian Educational Foundation scholarship is a fully funded scholarships for Armenian citizens to study in their dream institution. This scholarship if awarded will cover the whole tuition fee to specific discipline as identified by the Armenian Educational Fundation (AEF).

Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Armenia
  • Student must demonstrate academic discipline and excellence to be considered
  • Student must poses at least a Grade Point Average (GPA) of  3.7/5 (15/20, 7/10, or 74/100)
  • Aspiring student must be at least second here of study in any Armenian University of college to qualify (Masters and PhD students are also welcome to apply)

Target Student

  • Armenian citizens

How to Apply for AEF Scholarships

  • Interested student are required to visit the AEF scholarship awarding page at

 8. Vahan Adjemian Scholarships

This is a partial scholarship for Armenians to study in the country. This Armenian scholarship is offered by late Mr. Vahan Adjemian foundation to support citizens and resident in Armenians further their education into Universities and colleges within the country.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicant must be of Armenian decent and involved in Armenian community.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in any US based university of college to qualify for the scholarship opportunity
  • Students must provide all copies of academic proves to be considered for the Armenian scholarship fund
  • Previous scholarship recipients are welcome to apply

Target Student

  • Scholarships for Armenian citizens/residents only

How to Apply

9. Armenian Professional Society (ASA) Scholarships

This Armenian Professional Society (ASA) is a community of/for Armenian Students. The scholarship funding opportunity provided by this association is a partially funded one to assist and enable Armenian students pay their academic tuition fees.

ASA Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicant must be an Armenian decent.
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in any US-based university or college and have completed at least one year academic session in the institution to qualify for the scholarship.
  • Applicant must be a US citizen or he/she must possess VISA to study in the United States.

Target Student

  • Available for Armenian citizens only

How to Apply for ASA scholarships for Armenians


March, 2022

10. New York Community Trust Scholarship

The NY Community Trust is one of the top Scholarships for Armenian decent to study in the United State. This scholarship opportunity (Hazaros Tabakoglu and Hagop, Arousiag, and Arpy Kashmanian Scholarships) are open to all full-time undergraduate students of Armenian decent whole families live in NJ, CT and NY. The scholarship is a partial funded type.

Requirements NY Community Trust Scholarship

  • Applicant must possess academic discipline
  • The need for money/funding
  • Applicant must have a GPA of at least 3.2 to qualify
  • Must be a citizen or a decent or Armenia

Target Student

  • Scholarships for Armenian citizen/decent

How to Apply

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